Corporate and Social Responsibility

At Corporate Communications Group, we put an extraordinary amount of effort and attention into upholding four key principles: responsible manufacturing, creating an extraordinary workplace, being environmentally responsible, and strengthening our community. By doing this, we believe we are integrating environmental and social responsibility into every aspect of our business, fostering a culture where all employees thrive, and giving our customers a sense of being welcomed and knowledgeable about the company they choose to partner with.

Environmental Responsibility

While the environment of marketing communications continues to change at the fastest pace it has ever seen, we never lose sight of our natural environment, which is affected in some way by every industry. From reducing carbon footprints to sustainable forestry management, we are proud to be part of an industry that has taken voluntary steps to reduce it’s environmental impact over and above the standard accepted requirements. At Corporate Communications Group, we’re serious about these issues and continue on a strategic path of lean manufacturing and environmentally conscious initiatives.

These include:

  • FSC® Chain of Custody certification from the Forest Stewardship Council™ which provides global standards for forest management addressing environmental, social, and economic aspects
  • The use of sustainably harvested papers containing the highest possible percentages of recycled content
  • Low VOC soy and other vegetable-based inks which are less harmful to the environment than their petroleum-based counterparts
  • Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing practices
  • Recycle programs resulting in thousands of tons of recycled materials not entering our landfills annually
  • All-digital color-managed workflow
  • Digitally imaged pressroom plates developed in a chemical-free processor
  • State-of-the-art offset print technology and computerized control consoles to minimize make-ready times and maximize efficiency, quality, and consistency throughout the print run
  • Eco-friendly Large Format solutions