In this era of print and digital marketing technology, it’s a common view that ‘everything can be done online.’ But leading marketers know that the most effective platform for driving web traffic, creating brand awareness, and educating and informing people of your offers, products and services is once again direct mail marketing. Printing is sticky; in other words, eye-catching and compelling direct mail pieces stay around the home or office much longer than a web page stays on your monitor. Reports and statistics repeatedly confirmed in 2016 a pronounced higher ROI from direct mail marketing, resulting in higher conversions and better response rates to your calls-to-action.

Corporate Communications Group (Washington DC) is a nationally recognized leader in direct mail print production and campaign management. With data management experts, strategic analysts, mailing services experts, and creatives on staff, we work to ensure that your mail has the highest probability of success from design to delivery, with targeted recipients, relevancy, messaging, and timing. We offer comprehensive direct mail printing services, as well as mailing, tracking, and analytics. Let us help you to design your campaign, formulate your messaging, define your audience, and deliver success.

As an added bonus, Corporate Communications Group offers complete mailing services including comingling, co-palletization, and in-plant loading via the United States Postal Service. The minute your mail leaves our facility, it is immediately in the USPS mail system, bypassing timely processing waits at the post office and recognizing all possible cost savings.

Postal Rates change every year. Stay up to date! Download the 2016 Postal Rate Card here.